coffee addiction

11 Apr

good evening world!!

so today, when i was chugging down my large soy caramel macchiato with soy milk (yes, i have the longest order in the world) i was thinking to myself, why the hell am i drinking this. i’ll tell you why; starbucks is my fricken life. yes, its sad but true. every day on my way to school i get my usual. its even come to the point where they know me in there and know exactly what i want to order. and i was thinking; this can’t be normal. ive talked to like all of my friends (i know i dont have many, but still) and they just think im weird. and then i was like “holy llamas, i think i have a serious addiction”. a couple of weeks/months (they all roll into one nowadays) ago, i had these two weeks where i went completely off of food ( not intended, i love food waaaaay too much) and all i have, no word of a lie, was like 6 or 7 big cans of red bull a day and a coffee, and i think thats where my addiction truly started. before then, i was like yeah, chill, one or two coffees a day, but now im lik, dude, i cant live without some caffeine in my daiy routine. has anyone else experienced this? i think im just weird! and im sure its not like the average 17 year old to go home with like a jug of black coffee (im lactose intolerant, and to be honest, white coffee is just too wimpy) and just chug, then complain about nausea. 

thats another thing. it used to be like a latte with like half the shots of coffee in than a regular latte, but now its like expresso black coffee, i know im really that weird.who else on here loves coffeee??? yes? lets be friends 😉

so yeah, now that i just started talking about coffee i just cant stop!!

heres my recipe for an amazing breakfast:

1)get a cup of ice

2)make a black coffee (quite strong)

3)pour milk (or in my case, soy milk) over the ice, about 2/3 of the liquid capacity

4)add caramel macchiato coffeemate powdered creamer to coffee and stir (or just caramel sauce)

5)pour coffee over milk and ice and stir.

5.5)spill all over the table


^^^^ this is my daily breakfast 😉 congrats, enjoy my wisdom! 😉

omg yes i did just spend this whole blog talking about coffee, now im going to make a latte 😉

i made a cool set of pictures on how to make one but it wont upload. hashtag-hatelife.

love life.

and comment if you agree with coffee obsessions!!


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